In Loving Hands


I am so Blessed having all of you lovely people read this blog. I truly have love for all of you and wish the best in life for you. I feel we are all connected in some way, and I am glad you find comfort, messages, direction, and sometimes giggles here.

Having said that, there are two posters that are very connected and have shared some of their life stories on the blog. We communicated with each other over a specific event in one of their lives…and the other one brought up a picture she visualized about that event. She contacted me and asked me to post the picture to show the other woman, so here it is. It is a magnificent picture…..and I post it not only for these two women, but for everyone, because there is a beautiful message for us all there.

Hands of God Sully's Plane

This is the plane that Capt. Sully landed on the Hudson River that fateful day that it became disabled. (I researched but could not find who the artist is to give credit to). Capt. Sully had tremendous courage, fortitude and skill that brought the plane down safely, and he was/is to be commended for it. But so too, were people talking about the idea that there was some divine intervention that assisted Sully in what could have been a major disaster and the loss of many lives.

And I believe this…..and believe it happens in our lives. One of these posters had a similar experience with an event that could have been terrible for her. But, there was divine intervention, and she came through it unscathed. While this does not happen for everyone…as evidenced in many cataclysmic situations we have seen….I do believe that we are all cradled in the gentle hands of God and the Higher Powers, and though we must at times endure difficulties, we are still loved and cared for by Divine Powers. (Whatever/whoever those Divine Powers represent to you, they are all Divine).

Know this, and remember this when your moments are most difficult.

Love & Blessings to you all!


17 comments on “In Loving Hands

  1. Thank You Mardrag!!! I love your thoughts on this picture. I agree that God/higher power keeps a watchful eye over each and every one of us. I think it comes in many forms – people, messages (like the license that read Magical), animals, and sometimes just a feeling from within.

    JustDee – I would like to dedicate this picture to you. When I see this, I think of you. From it and you, I have learned that I need to let go, despite whatever fears I have, and have faith that I can handle whatever comes my way. For me, it’s a process and I am working on it.


    • Your welcome Boobah! I didn’t outline the scenario in the actual blog for consideration of yours and JustDee’s privacy. I didn’t know if either one of you wanted to be “named”, so I am glad you posted it here in the comments where she will see it and it can be discussed further.

      Being “in the process” is a good thing darling….it means you are moving and on your way to somewhere else. Don’t judge the journey or the time it may take. Be proud of yourself for taking the journey at all! Hugs & Love!

      • Mardrag – I wasn’t sure if I should post names, so I am glad that you said this!

        I like “Don’t judge the journey or the time iit may take.” I think this is important. I have a uncanny knack for judging myself. Especially how long it is taking me to get myself to where I want to go.

        BTW – have you heard from Cali? (Hi Cali if you reading!!!)

      • Boobah, I think of privacy first, then if someone says it’s ok, I can go from there. I want to respect people tho.

        I heard from Cali a few days ago, tho, you’re right, she hasn’t commented in a couple of days. She was having a “birthday week” so I hope her absence is due to celebration!

        Cali, if your reading, check in darlin’. Hope all is well!

        Thanks Boobah! Hugs to you!

    • I’m late in reading blogs today and just saw this. Totally in tears now!
      (((((((Boobah)))))) (((((MarDrag)))))

      Boobah, I’m STILL working on letting go and having faith. (Hard to do when you’re terrified, lol) I’m doing better though and I try to listen when I hear my husband’s voice telling me everything will be okay.

      Funny – I can be anywhere else and storms don’t bother me – but at home, the first rumble of thunder and my heart does a flip!

      • ((((((JustDee)))))))
        That is funny. I always thought the mind works in very strange ways. Hopefully, storms won’t bother you no matter where you are. I am glad you hear your hubby’s messages to you. I am so, so sorry that you lost him.

        Never in my life was I ever afraid of weather – then all the sudden, *boom*, terrified of it. Always checking forcast, ect. Despite my fear, I read your story. It was a hard read for me but I will never forget it. You know how some things just stick in your mind? Well, your story stayed with me. I just could not imagine how you got through it. It was then that I thought of the pic that Mardrag posted above. Considering the damage of the tornado, I strongly believe your hubby protected you. I think you thought so also.
        Slowly, I stopped being terrified. When I would get nervous, I remembered your story, how your one dog was cool as a cucumber but the other was with you. I remember how you described the sounds. Your story gave me a foundation of sorts. And recalling your story seemed to help me whenever I became scared. Over time, I started to feel less and less nervous. Mostly, I felt better when I thought of the protection you had by your hubby.
        Trust me, I am far from anxiety free. But your story kicked my brain into gear, if you will. Kinda like an A-Ha moment. It gave me strength.
        You have no idea how grateful I am that you shared that story.

        And THANKS to your Mardrag, for letting me share this here on your blog!

      • Wonderful story Boobah…..and just one more indication of how connected we all are and how one person’s story or words can change anothers’ life.

        We must keep reaching out in this way. It is good for everyone….and, someone always reaches back!

        Always feel free to share whatever you feel moved to share here. This blog had open arms, ears and heart!

        Love & Hugs to you both!

      • Boobah –
        I was never scared of storms before either. Now I track the weather with an obsession! As soon as a storm hits the Arkansas border, I’m nervous and watching it until it’s past me. (I think I have some form of PTSD). Glad my story helped you though! (((((((Boobah)))))))

      • :::Ahem:::
        MARDRAG. I saw you had a party without me! And I suppose that sexy plumber was passing out the drinks. Harumph.

      • Oh JustDee…..we didn’t mean to leave you out!! You weren’t posting. 😦 Please accept my humble apology!!

        We are having another one this weekend. Bring your beautiful self and join us for enchiladas and margaritas! We are having a slumber party in the loft…and of course the plumber will be there to serve us! LOL! 😛

  2. “I do believe that we are all cradled in the gentle hands of God and the Higher Powers, and though we must at times endure difficulties, we are still loved and cared for by Divine Powers. ”
    thanks mardrag.

  3. God, I feel like an absolute moron. I’m bitching about
    a stupid house. Now I read about what happened to
    @Justdee and I realize how selfish I have become.

    Time to put my big girl panties on and stop being an

    I’m so sorry about what you’ve been through @Justdee.

    • Hey….NJBev…listen….we all have are things we go through at different levels and degrees. it does not make it any less hard to deal with, for each individual. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

      But, if you find things here that help change your perspective…that can help too.

      I think you are very strong and articulate and special! Hang in there! 🙂 Love & Hugs!

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