The Hero


I was doing my daily peruse of news articles and blogs today and found myself reading so many pieces written about people who are turning out not to be the people we thought they were. Many people, from government representatives to business executives, charity organizers to community do gooders, organization creators to major name athletes, and even well liked characters on our favorite reality tv shows. One commenter on a blog wrote the well-known line, “how the mighty have fallen”.

And I got to thinking…as I stood under a hot shower later…how so many of our “heroes” these days disappoint us. And, can we hold anyone up to be a hero anymore? It used to be…in the “olden days” (LOL!), that there were those people, in many different walks of life, who did out of the ordinary things, and were dubbed our “heroes”. We all looked up to them, especially young people, and looked to them for the standard by which good behavior would measure. And we aspired to be like them.

In this current technological age we live in, where the finest and most hidden details of a person’s life can be found out in a “hot minute”, the term “hero” struggles, because even the best of people can be brought down by just one moment in their lives. And those that try to show themselves as good people or “heroes”, but are really not, are also found out quickly…and we are disappointed.

Now, I know the importance of having people to look up to that do great things with their lives, and make important contributions of great magnitude in the world…and I know there are still many people that fit that description, but we seem to put more attention on the fallen heroes than the ones that have risen. And the ones that have risen are still human too, and are not infallible, just like the rest of us.

So where do we look for the best example of a hero to hold up? We look within.

I am reminded of the lyrics to a Mariah Carey song from many years ago that was one of my favorite songs ever:

“And then a hero comes along, With the strength to carry on; And you cast your fears aside, And you know you can survive; So when you feel like hope is gone, Look inside you and be strong; And you’ll finally see the truth, That a hero lies in you.”

You have a Hero within you…..the one that gets up every morning and faces with day with courage, as best you can, and walks through your day doing all manner of important things to care for yourself, your family, your job, other people…making your mark on the world no matter how big or small. You bravely face this world full of things to be worried and frightened of….and you carry on anyway. You find the strength to march through it all, and the courage to say, I will not be defeated….if even just for today.

YOU are the Real Heroes! So, be your own Hero, and hold yourself up in great esteem.



15 comments on “The Hero

  1. So fitting indeed MarDrag… as my Mother tells me on certain’s okay to be a little selfish and get aggravated when one becomes overwhelmed with daily duties as a caretaker.. having a type A personality makes it even harder they day at a time ….
    hugs and peace

      • I know, right?!? I’m so burnt out from dealing with myself!

        How are you doing NJ? The last I read you were dealing with the Hurricane aftermath. The way you described it was so emotional – I could just feel how overwhelmed and upset you were. I thought a lot about all the people, including you, that had been affected by the hurricane over the holidays.
        (I hope this doesn’t make you feel worse or bring up bad memories.)

      • Thanks so much for your kind words.

        I am so exhausted. I’m too tired to
        complain or even commiserate. If I
        don’t work very hard at staying focused
        and positive, I will collapse into a weeping
        wreckage of a human being.
        Tough days ahead- Mom in Dementia,
        useless sibling, 2 houses to repair.
        (hers and ours)
        This too shall pass, I just don’t want
        it to be my Mother…………..

      • (((NJBev))) I wish I could make you feel better, I really do. You are going through so much. Rest whenever you can. oxoxox

  2. Wow, MarDrag, I did not expect where your posting went, the HERO WITHIN! LOVE IT & so true. Thanks for your wisdom and encouragement!

  3. I read this ealier today and wanted to mull it over for a bit.

    And may I first say that you really are a lovely person Mardrag. It’s so clear that you just want people to be happy and successful. You have created a very wonderful environment for us as we discuss the deeper side of life.

    As far as being my own hero? Well, this past year has been a rocky one and I haven’t found my bearings yet. Now that I think of it, it has actually been an unsettling 2.5 years and it feels like the stress has caught up to me, tackled and pinned me to the ground! I know that I have to look within for the strength to move forward – to find the hero within. But, dang! It isn’t easy. Like Diva said…one day at a time.

    Thanks for a great blog Mardrag.

    • Boobah…thank you for your lovely words! Leaking going on here! I will say tho….that I truly believe it is my mission, my purpose in life to make people feel better…to help them see that they are special, strong and beautiful…and do what I can to help them on their way to realizing their potential and destiny. I have felt this all my life, and am happy to do what I can. I am so glad those of you who come here feel loved and find comfort and help.

      Having said that…..even tho the last few years have been difficult (or worse) for you….you are still your own hero for surviving it all! Heroes are survivors too….they run into the darkness to cradle the weak and pained….and you have done that for yourself. Now, you are beginning to recognize that it may be time to change the vehicle you have been “driving”, and it takes great courage to do that. Heroes have courage. So, hold your head high. You are a Hero!

      Hugs & Your Welcome!

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