Monday Inspiration


Happy Monday!

I know, not entirely a happy Monday as it is the first one back after the holidays and it can often be a bit depressing realizing the festivities are over and we are “back to normal”. So, I thought I would bring you a bit of inspiration to start your week with. This first quote is a beautiful way to start your day:

Groucho Marks Monday

And another good way to greet this Monday is:

Greet Monday

With something to always remember and get you through the day:

God Solutions

Monday is always a new beginning….and today is a new beginning to the year, so look to filling it with good energy and optimism, knowing the air is fresh with opportunity and choices. You have the power to make today anything you want it to be. Make it the best for YOU!

And now, a little humor to give you a chuckle to carry with you:

Break Up with Monday




20 comments on “Monday Inspiration

  1. MarDrag, Thanks for the uplifting Monday quotes. I always use a very simple “GOOD” morning or “GOOD” day to myself the first moments as I wake up, a great way to start the positive momentum forward. Happy Nu Year!

  2. I really like this Mardrag – it’s simple to do. I also like the one that reminds me of being in the now; that yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet. This lifts some pressure off my shoulders.

    Thannk you Mardrag!

  3. Corny, I know, but I have a sound track to my life that goes through my head at times. I can usually find a song to go along with any life events. When I am having the “blues” it is usually “Great day” (when you’re down and out, life up your head and shout: ‘It’s gonna be a great day”) or the following: &

    • Trudie and Mardrag that is really awesome. What a cool way to start the day!

      Thanks for posting that youtube vid Trudie. I enjoyed that.

      Mardrag – you have piqued my interest – profound meaning??! (I don’t mean to pry). Oh! And speaking of not prying (lol), I am curious about the huge message you got right before your very eyes that you mentioned?

      • No worries Boobah. I think JustDee is ok with it posted here. I am about to answer her so look for it.

        As far as my message….I am aware of little things all the time, I am sensitive to messages…but the day after I posted the Hawk post….and it speaks to the “magic” in life…I was pulling into a parking space at the grocery store when I changed direction suddenly to pull into a different space. Didn’t know why at first…but when I pulled in, the car parked in the space right ahead of me had a license plate that read “Magical”! It was an obvious sign to me that magical things would happen in the new year…like a message from the universe…in writing! LOL! I got it in writing! Hahaha!

        I would love to hear more about your family conversations too, when you have a chance. Hugs!

  4. Here is a few things that stuck out for me after I read your Hawk blog –

    “Hawk may be bringing you the message that you should circle over your life, and examine it from a higher perspective”
    “He can fly high and observe the movements on the ground with vital clarity.”
    “He searches – looking and listening – for his path and his prey and moves swiftly when the opportunity shows itself. So take a view of your life from that higher perspective so you can see the whole of it and what or where you must take action next.”
    “So, be like the Hawk….listen attentively, clear your vision, notice your surroundings and all the small (or large) nuances in it, for they all have voices that tell you something. And be bold enough to recognize your abilities and talents. They are what will take you forward into a better life.”

    Here’s how my family discussion went down:
    So – That day – The above quotes had really captured my attention, like many other blogs of yours. My hubby and I had plans to go to my folks’ to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Now, the story of the Hawk had stayed in my mind. Well, wouldn’t you know that as we were eating ice-cream cake, my Dad mentions Hawks – out of the blue, without any provocation as I never uttered a word about your Hawk blog. So I KNEW there was a reason, and I do not believe in coincidences. I proceeded to tell them about your blog and how I was just reading and thinking about Hawks. I mentioned your insight – life lessons that can be learned from the hawk and I paraphrased the above quotes from your . We discussed the similarities of people’s ability to observe, plan, to the Hawk’s keen senses. We recognized that the Hawk is likely more accurate and his senses more acute. We thought maybe this was the case because Humans allow ‘white noise’ into their minds that cause distraction. I suggested that our executive functioning abilities separate us from animals but that we should learn from animals. (IMO, humans could learn a lot from animals as animals’ abilities are just incredible). The conversation flowed nicely as we often have deep conversations.

    Here’s where it gets even better! My father mentions the crow. (At this point I had no idea that you pulled the crow card for JustDee.) And we talked about how the crows group together and can actually run off a hawk. We laughed that the Hawk, when up against crows, just concedes and moves on. Not that he can’t defeat the crows, but that he has better things to do! Almost like the Hawk is confident in his abilities and doesn’t need to prove himself.

    The next day, you pulled a crow card for JustDee. In that moment I felt very connected to the two of you. In fact, for some reason I recalled JustDee’s tornado experience and how impacted I was by her story. I recall thinking, as did other posters, that her hubby protected her. I remember telling JustDee about a photo that came to mind that showed the hands of God protecting the airplane that Capt. Sully heroically landed safely in the Hudson River. I think JustDee wanted to see that photo (actually it is a drawing) and I couldn’t figure out how to post a pic. I felt bad for not being able to get that pic to her. Maybe that’s what this chain of connections is supposed to mean. I get to correct something I felt bad about. And to tell JustDee how much her experience meant to me – this stranger from an entirely different part of the USA – was very moved by her story and that it actually helped me understand something about myself.

    Funny how things have a way of coming back around. It’s things like this that make me so grateful for you blog, Mardrag. And BTW – my most sincere apologies for butting in and inserting myself into your conversations with JustDee and Trudie in the last few blogs!

    And may I ask for a favor? Would you post the pic of Capt. Sully’s airplane? I can email it to you.
    Thank you Mardrag.

    PS – That is AMAZING about the magical license plate!!!! It just doesn’t get any better than that. What an awesome story!

    • Talk about amazing stories!! Thank you for sharing all of this! First, I want to say that this is a place to connect and share, so never apologize for “butting in”. I don’t see it that way and I doubt others do. We all share here, that is part of the purpose of the blog.

      Second – what a testament to just how connected we all are in this world/universe! We are, absolutely, never alone. If we reach out, we will positively find someone who reaches back, and understands, and connects.

      I love how you and your family had your discussions – all very wise and true – and then found you were connected again through someone else’s story. If JustDee has felt alone…. she has but to read all of this and see she is not. (JustDee, we are here for you!)

      I too, feel so connected to you Boobah…as well as JustDee & trudie. You are an amazing lady and I look forward to getting to know you even better and sharing things with you. You are very wise and articulate and I enjoy our conversations and what you have to say. I love that you are all here in the way you are. You sound like you have a wonderful family too, and those conversations are priceless!

      Also….I would be happy to post that picture for JustDee. Just email it to me at the address on the contact page. I will do a post with it…I have one in mind now! 🙂

      So much love & hugs to you sweet lady!!

    • That’s Awesome Boobah!
      I don’t feel AT ALL like you’re “butting in”! As a matter of fact I feel leakage coming on and am lookin’ for that darn plumber!

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