Happy New Year!

2013 Happy New Year

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, Whispering ‘it will be happier’…”  ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”  ~ Oprah Winfrey

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”  ~ Brad Paisley

“A New Year’s resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.”  ~ Author Unknown

“Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day.”  ~ Michael Josephson

from the Desk of MarDrag:

Here we are….about to embark on a new adventure! Another New Year. Let us take all the difficulties, hardships, and lessons…as well as the blessings, gifts and beautiful moments of the past year, roll them all into one huge ball that we ignite into a flame that burns through, sending the vapors into the air to disperse. Let us embrace the brilliant moments we have had, as we grasp the lessons we have learned and make it all part of us, so that, as we step into the New Year, we step into it a whole and better person, a being whose Light has grown and flourished, and is ready to shine ever brighter….dazzling the world, ready to make that world a better place too.

The only resolution we need to keep is the one that promises to honor the growth we have had and not to forget the sacrifices that were made along that path.

This New Year…ignite the beauty of your Power and your Light. Make your life better with it….and send it out into the world to kindle the Love, Light, and Good Energy and Intentions we need to make the changes necessary to make it a triumphant year.

My wish for all of you…is that all Your dreams come true this year, and that you find the gifts of your Strength and Power within you, and Recognize the Beauty of who you truly are.

Soar Into the New Year my friends!! Love & Blessings!


2013 Soar Into New Year

14 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. Good morning, thank you Mar and same to you 🙂

    I like the quotes and your words, I always get something out of it. I wish you a wonderful new year with all the good of 2012 to continue and new even better things to come. I also wish you more visitors to this blog, for you and for us :-).

    Thanks again, for making the last months of this year easier.

  2. Happy New Year, everyone! May 2013 be the best year yet, filled with good health, happiness, and success.

    Mardrag you have created a special place and I am grateful. Sometimes RL prevents me from posting, but I always read.

  3. Happy Belated New Year Y’all!
    My wish is that everyone has a better year than the last one. 😀

    OT Personal Update –
    My Mom and sister left yesterday to drive down to Mom’s house so I am HOME ALONE (Not “Home” home but….) for possibly 2 weeks! I sooooo needed a break! I spent all day in a puddle of relaxation (and house cleaning) 🙂 .

    Also, said sister seems to have been abducted by aliens!
    She did NOT try to take over my world, mess it up, impose her will, and be a general PITA who pouts and sulks when she doesn’t get her way.

    I managed to tolerate her without wanting to strangle her and didn’t let her get under my skin even once – though I did laugh under my breath several times when she was trying to get out of doing things – such as driving mom to Ft Lauderdale, lol.

    • (((((JustDee))))) The pom poms are out for you this morning! Because of the things you have changed within yourself the last few months…those changes always reverberate and spill out to the energy around you….and makes changes you rarely anticipate. So very glad for you!! Well done lady!

      And now you have these 2 whole weeks to yourself. So wonderful for you. I am sorry you won’t get home to AK, but at least you will have some time to yourself to regroup and rejuvenate. Happy, happy, joy, joy for you!!

      Thanks for the update! I have been thinking about you and sending good energy. BTW – how is your mom doing? Seems pretty good if she can handle the drive to her house?

      Well, have a terrific 2 weeks. Stop by as often as you can. And know you have a bunch of cheerleaders roaring for you over here.

      So many hugs and good wishes for a Happy New Year to you!! 😀

      • The Good Energy must have reached me ’cause I’m feeling positively cheerful, lol.

        Mom’s doing a little better. She insisted on the trip mostly to see how her house is doing (and probably to give me a breather).

      • I am so happy to hear you are feeling so cheerful….you deserve it. I am very happy for you.

        Also glad your mom is doing better and wants to see her house. That will be good for her…and good for your breather too.

        Enjoy your “me” time! 😀

    • That’s GREAT, JustDee!! I’m so happy for you! LOL@ alien abduction! It must feel so good to have come through your family visit without harm. And now you have two whole weeks as a reward – enjoy your downtime!

      Happy New Year to you also!

    • Awwww! Thanks Y’all! You make me feel so special!
      (((Boobah))) (((Cali))) (((MarDrag)))

      I’m waiting on my brother & SIL to arrive (that’s a GOOD thing), they left last thursday to go to N.C. to see his godchild and are stopping here for a couple of days for a FUN visit before going back to mom’s for part 2 of the kitchen demolition. Tonight we’re going to check out the local waterfront dive for beer and fish tacos.

      (The beer had better be ICE COLD ’cause I haven’t had one since August and I’m salivating!)

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