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What a week this has been! So much is happening in the world, and in each of our own individual worlds. Every day it seems there is something else to tap our already low reserves of energy. And, we have to put together a brilliant Christmas. We are all struggling a bit to stretch that energy, and some of you have shared you are overwhelmed and dispirited and need a way of refreshing. So here is the process I told you about that will help with revitalizing your energy.

I would bet that some of you would like to get away about now. Take a few days and go to an island, or a mountain somewhere, relax, and have some alone time. But, for most, that is not possible. So, I would like to tell you about a wonderful place that you can go to “get away” any day of the week or any hour of the day. There is no packing, or driving to the airport, or long car rides. In fact, you don’t have to go anywhere except to your favorite comfortable chair!

This place is called, Your Sacred Space, and it is within you. You are the only vessel you need.

Everyone has this Sacred Space within them. It is the place at the very center, the very core, of your being. All things have a center, and we are no different. We have a place that is the very nucleus of our being, the hub from where all of who we are spirals from, the essence, the soul, the spirit of ourselves that creates the foundation from which we operate. It is the place that has within it everything we need to become centered and balanced again. Because…it is the center of our being….and is also connected to the Divine light of God or whatever Higher Power you aspire to. But, amid the stress and craziness of our lives, we forget that it is there, and this process will be the reminder you need.

So, get to that comfortable chair. Take just a few mins. for yourself to complete this. Once you have your Sacred Space set up, you can access it any time.

Now, in your chair, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few long deep breaths and clear your mind as much as possible. Then, visualize a spot in your body that is the center point of your being. In that spot, you picture a room. It is a lovely room furnished exactly the way you would like it. See the colors you would have in it, the furniture or pillows, textures or objects, or anything you would like to fill the room. The thing is to make the room up with all your favorite things that give you comfort. This is your space to be alone.

When you have your room finished, see a circle surrounding it. Within that circle is your space and energy only. Visualize all the things, people, and worries in your life being set outside the circle….thus clearing the space right around you. Know that you are not pushing anything away, or avoiding anything, you will deal with it all….but for this moment, it is out of your immediate space…so you can breathe. For this moment, it is outside your personal Sacred Space.

Now, notice the air and energy directly around you. Fill this space with your energy only, with love, with healing, with peace, with vigor, confidence and wisdom, with strength, knowledge and power. These are all the things you have inside you that get trampled by all the other things you just set outside the circle. Feel the relief to reconnect with it all…and see your light begin to shine again as the Divine light shines on you from above and illuminates your Sacred Space. Here is the essence of your identity, where you get back in control of yourself and bring your personal power back into your daily life. It is the place you come to get centered, and take a break from the external forces in your life. Here there is strength, courage and empowerment to draw on, and where you will find your balance and your focus again. Here you are also safe and protected, and feel completely comfortable with yourself.

Once you have your Sacred Space set up and filled up exactly the way you want it….commit it to memory, and know that this place is available to you at any time, at a moments notice, and that you will find just what you need here to get balanced, centered and focused. Then, take a few more deep breaths and open your eyes, feeling relieved and confident that you can face whatever your day has ahead for you.

Use this process anytime you feel overwhelmed, overworked, confused, unsure or anything that is not in harmony. You can even invite your Wiser Self to come here with you to talk and find answers together. Create a loving relationship with yourself here. It is the best you’ll ever have!


P.S. If any of you need more information or help with this, please do not hesitate to reach me at the email address on the “Contact” page above. You can also find out more about me and the work I do on the “About” page next to the contact page.

12 comments on “The Process Post

  1. MarDrag,
    As much as I love the holiday season, filled with family and laughter, the process of getting there fills me with such stress. I find myself being short with my husband and children (although I am much nicer to strangers in the stores). I will try to take your advice and find a few minutes to find my Sacred Space. I know when I go to Mass tomorrow, I will find the peace I need, but doing this on a daily basis will be a much needed release and a remembrance of the true meaning of the holidays.

    Blessings to you.

  2. Very Cool! Thanks! Can’t wait to decorate my room 😀

    I’ve been meaning to tell you MarDrag – I’m seeing an odd amount of synchronicity in my world lately! I’ve got these 3 page-a-day books I read every night – plus a psalm from the Bible – plus what you write – and now even this NOVEL I’m reading are all talking about the same thing! (That’s how I’m interpreting anyway). Finding the center, letting go, surrender = peace and wholeness. Or somethin’ like that 😉

  3. Twice today I tried to comment, hit the wrong key and poof! TWICE I did this! Grrr!!!

    Mardrag, thanks for this post. I really needed this – I think I need to go to my sacred place right now! LOL!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

      • Lol- yeah, wordpress has not been friendly lately!

        Thank you for the warm holiday sentiments. I am not sure how I suddenly got behind but all the sudden I am in overdrive. Lol! My FIL called my hubby and asked if we would buy gifts for him. He asked this today! So off we go. He is sick, so of course we are happy to help. Between this and a recent funeral, I feel like we lost time. *sigh* Such is life. And for sure it doesnt escape me that this doesnt compare to the hardships of others, particularly the families in CT. So, i am grateful.
        Your blog is so helpful, Mardrag. I mean, you have no idea how much I have come to utilize this lovely place as a source of comfort. Also as a place to learn. Even if I don’t post, I am reading. It’s usually the first place I go everyday. Then Empress’s and NMD.

        OMG!!!! Off topic- just now, like just this past minute, wordpress actually had the audacity to try to bump me off again! Hahahah wordpress- not this time! I was able to save my post (don’t know how, but i did)!
        *sticks tongue out at wordpress*

      • LOL at sticking your tongue out! 😛 I do sometimes too!

        I know there is so much going on for you and I am glad that you find something here to help you through it. Look at your emails too when you get a chance. I responded to yours and hope to hear from you after the holiday craziness.

        If we don’t connect before…have a lovely Christmas Boobah! I send your love, warm thoughts and Blessings!

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