Wednesday Comfort Blog!


Good Morning! You all know on Wednesday’s I usually do a humor blog with jokes and pictures, but this week, as I was looking through them, it didn’t seem right to go there. It felt too soon. Next week, we will try again.

This week, I thought we could all use a bit of comfort. And what gives more comfort than our loving furry friends. I had saved these pictures a while ago but had not used them yet, so I thought filling the post up today with love, fur and sweet faces was timely. (Click on the pic to get a bigger view).

I hope you find comfort and smiles here today. Love & Blessings!

Kitties 1 Puppies 1

Puppies 2Kitties 2

Kitties 3Puppies 3

Puppies 4Kitties 4

Puppies 5Kitties 5

Kitties 6Puppies 6

Puppies 7Kitties 7

Puppies 8Kitties 8

Kitties 9Puppies 9

Kitties 10Puppies 10

Puppies 11Kitties 11

21 comments on “Wednesday Comfort Blog!

  1. i came to your blog to ask you were are the funnies of today, but i found this new blog. Glad there IS a new blog 🙂 and even better, to find a comfort page. THAT is more what i need than the funnies. i wanted to find a topic to take me out of the weitd morning blues. The pictures are very nice and they do give that aaww feeling 🙂

    Thanks! some how you do give out what we (or I) need.

    talking about pets, i gave my dog a longer walk this morning. She seemed to enjoy it and i liked walking and breathing the fresh (cold) air 🙂

    have a lovely day, everyone!

    • Cali…I’m sorry you are having “weird morning blues” and that you can find some comfort here. “Funnies” just didn’t seem right this morning.

      I hope your day gets better. Take deep breaths, find your Sacred Space and draw on the wealth of energy you have there. And, let me know if I can help.

      Sending you warm hugs to wrap up in! 🙂

  2. Perfect post. Anything about animals puts a smile on my face – and I, for one, could use more smiles! ((Mardrag))

    Cali – my mornings are a little blue these days also. I think there is a lot if sadness these past few days. I bet walking your dog today helped you feel a little less blue. At least, I hope it did! You deserve many many smiles. (((Cali)))

    Off topic – my great aunt passed away last night. She was my father’s God Mother and the oldest living relative on my Dad’s side. I was just thinking about her and how I should pay her a visit. I am angry at myself for not finding the time.

      • Thank you Trudie and Mardrag. That means a lot. I sure hope she knew how I felt about her. But thanks for remindng me Trudie. I needed to hear that.
        I did just have a convo with her, Mardrag – that was a great idea and that allowed me to release some sadness – which I definitely needed to do.
        Still though, I have been working on my famly tree (as a gift to my dad this christmas) and she was on my mind. I wanted to see her not just for the pleasure of her company but and talk to her about the family tree, ask questions, etc. It’s strange actually, now that I look back, how much she was on my mind as of late. I will have to work very hard at keeping my feelings of regret at a minimun becasue I agree that they are deadly and will only open up that dreaded black hole of waste.

        Thank you.

    • Oh Boobah….I am so sorry for your loss!! And the implications of having to let go of the last relative on that side of your family. I understand your anger and frustration too. Just try to breathe through it and stay as balanced as possible. Remember not to send your energy down that black hole. Regret is one of the worst.

      Talk to her now….tell her how you feel….and know she hears you.

      I know there are so many things going on for everyone, as well as the holiday season, that is making life difficult right now. Hang in there!

      Many hugs to wrap you in today!!

      • Thank you so much JustDee. BTW – I feel for you regarding your family Christmas. 8 days is a long time. Don’t worry – we will be here for ya! Difficult family members can feel like they are sucking the air outta your lungs – I can identify. I am also very sorry about your mom. I regret that I haven’t said that to you sooner. ((((JustDee)))

      • Not too personal at all. I edit books at home. I used to work in an office. They closed the office and now I work as an independent contractor out of my house. I love it, but sometimes it takes twice as long because I do the household stuff at the same time I am working.

      • Oh, very cool. I would have loved to be an editor. I am a voracious and fast reader, and I catch absolutely every mistake, misspelling, grammar error, sentence structure….you catch my drift! LOL! I was an English/Journalism major and it sunk in.Then my life sidetracked. Sigh.

        Having said that….I wonder if you would drop me an email at my address on the contact page. I have a question for you if you don’t mind? Thx! Hugs!!

    • trudie……I LOVE the one with the little boy walking his dog and stops to jump in the mud puddle. Love how he puts the leash down, fully knowing his best friend would wait for him. Also……what is it about mud puddles and how kids can never pass one without running through it? We need to do more of that as adults! (See my “It’s Childs’ Play” blog) 🙂

    • OMG Trudie! These videos are hysterical!!! Thank you for posting this link, I can’t wait to show my hubby. He’s going to burst out with laughter, much like I did! LOL!! I really needed cute pics and funny videos today! Thank you!

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