A Message and A Plea


Hello! By now, you have all heard the devastating news out of Connecticut about the shooting at the elementary school. It is heart wrenching and mind boggling to think that so many innocent children and teachers were so brutally taken away from their families and lives. I sit here trying to find words as tears slip down my cheeks. Prayers are sent non-stop for the grieving families as love and warm hugs are sent to try to keep them together. Beyond that, I feel helpless and speechless and very near hopeless.

But I have this blog, so I want to find the words to say something. Because we, as a society, cannot go on like this. We have to stop this. Somehow, we have to wake up and shake up and come full stop on the road we are on and choose another path. I can’t help but feel we are headed for a doomsday…it doesn’t matter the date. Today was doomsday for all those children and teachers. So today, it came for them. Are we going to wait for someone or something to tell us, this is the end….or are we going to stand up and take action to make sure that day does not come again.

The young man who committed this heinous crime was once an innocent child himself. What happened in his life that brought him to this day? A six year old does not wake up one day and say, I think I will grow up to be a mass murderer. (I know that this person had some serious mental issues as well).

After today….no one can tell me that the hate, violence and twisted ideas that are spilled out into the world on a daily basis through TV, movies, video games, and social media are not having an effect on people and contributing to this kind of insanity. There are people out there who claim this is not true and that these are “isolated cases”. I say, BAH, not so….for these isolated cases are not so isolated anymore, are they? They are in our cities, towns, at our schools, and next door. We have GOT to wake up to this and change the face of our nature and activities. We have GOT to take responsibility for what we put out into the world. We can’t keep putting putrid and hateful things out there and then say, oh, it doesn’t have anything to do with me or think that it won’t have any impact.

Every person, in every home or office, behind every computer or phone needs to STOP NOW, before you send one more message….and examine what you are about to say and what message it puts out into the world. Is it really hate and viciousness (in the guise of speaking freely) that we want to live with, that we want to direct at each other? Or can we find that flame of love and compassion that lives within us, somewhere, and choose that thought instead?

Somehow, someway, we have to find our way back to loving each other and caring about each others feelings….and getting our heads out of each others space where we judge and ridicule and bash and find glee in someone else’s misfortune or troubles. We must each make ourselves responsible for our attitudes and thoughts, energy and words, that we contribute to the climate of this society.


This Is My Plea….that every person….Today….STOP and THINK about what you are doing and saying. Become astutely aware of each thought and action. Are you treating people with love in your heart and mind, or carelessly or with antipathy? Pay attention, look around you, and notice if someone is hurting, and feel for them. Tell someone. Speak up. Reach out. Help them if you can. Get them help if you can. It is not always possible….but at the very least….you CAN feel compassion for the people around you. If you, yourself, are hurting, seek help. Don’t shut down, don’t shut off Love and Compassion. Because, if everyone shuts it down…we are lost. BUT, if everyone looks within and touches that part of their soul again and allows it come forward….then it touches us ALL, and we will ALL get to feel it. And possibly save this world.

We need LOVE to rule again. We need empathy, concern, kindness and consideration to be the directive again. We need to change…and LOVE is the only way to do it.

So start, with me, in your own heart, in your own soul, in your own house, on your own street, in your own town…..and on and on. Start somewhere….before we have nowhere to start from.

We have the Power to change this. We have the Power to say this is not how we want the world to be. We have the Power to begin writing a different story. We have the Power to come together and use our Power for the good of All.

With Love and Blessings!

24 comments on “A Message and A Plea

  1. beautiful Mar,
    it is so sad to hear and read about this. first Oregon and then Connecticut, completely difrent people and reasons, but both crazy. poor people who lost their lives or their loved ones 😦 all we all can do is pray for them. as far as what to do to stop another case, i agree with you. we should do out part, by being kind and help when we see the need. other than that, protect ourselves and our loved ones by creating a save and clean environment around them. i tot only my do to make sure she is safe, but i do worry about the children in my family. i hope they are being educated and protected properly, so that they are in no harm and they become good adults. i can not “butt in” but i should be able to speak up if i see something i disagree with.

    thank you for dedicating today’s blog to this topic. let us all give, but also stay safe.

    have a nice Saturday.

  2. MarDrag, I had to come over here to respond to your last comment at The Farm. When I read your post last night, I got the feeling that you were frustrated, and it occurred to me that, while you give us a place to find inspiration and comfort, you could use some, too. So, you asked us to start here, with you, and that’s what I’m doing. I’ve stopped by here, more than once, just to read and relax, and I don’t take what you give us for granted.

    • Oh Empress…Bless you for that! I love providing this place of inspiration and comfort…it is my passion as is my love for you all an equal passion…..but yes, I sometimes need a dose myself! (Especially yesterday). Thank you for providing that and stopping by to say so. You are a gem! Hugs!

  3. Mardrag – this is an exceptional post. I really cherish your words and thoughts. And I firmly believe that you are 100% right, on all accounts. I don’t even know what more I can add except to repeat what you have already suggested…we need to take responsibility in what we put out into the world and question our own motives before we “send”, “post comment”, verbalize, or behave. We truly do not know how our actions and words will impact others. As far as I can see, the only way to avoid such pontential damage is to be thoughtful and knowledgeable *before* we say/do something.
    It seems that society has now become impulsive where the more instant the gratification, the better. Long gone are the days are waiting for the reward – whatever that reward might be. We speak first, then feign ignorance or decry our Right To Free Speech. Imo, the latter, while very true, is used and manipulated just so we don’t have to take responsibility. “It’s not my Fault” is becoming our new motto.
    Why can’t we speak freely AND thoughtfully? Sometimes I think the only thing we are striving for is the art of irresonsibility so that we can blameless in any fallout as a result if our impulsivity. G*d Forbid we feel bad or regret our actions and words because then we might have to accept responsibility and FIX what we did. And we don’t have time for THAT(sarcasm)! We can’t fix what we did because we are already on to acquiring our next desire and that is where all are time and efforts go! Want, want, want….it’s all about what we want –
    we WANT to say something, so we do – who cares who it hurts
    we WANT have something, so we get it- who cares if we don’t have the money

    Maybe we have lost touch with appreciating life as it is. Just basic life. Not the frills for they are just luxuries. But appreciate, instead, the value of a clear conscience, that our hard work made someone’s life a little easier, that we are each vaulable people that add meaning to the lives of those we care about.


    Incomprehensible rant over. I might not make sense, but I sure do feel a little better. Thanks Mardrag.

    • Indeed Boobah…..you make a great deal of sense. We have crumbled our world into a gasm of “instant gratification” at any expense. And have forgotten the value of that “basic life” you speak of. I can only hope that we can give some purpose to this latest tragedy in finding our way back to that basic life….or I fear for our future.

      Thank you for sharing these wise words. You can rant here anytime!! Hugs!

      • Thanks Mardrag. I was feeling a little weary that I made too many grand sweeping statements but I see that my worry was pointless because you (and Cali) knew that I wasn’t trying to be judgemental – I was just throwing my thoughts out there. (BTW, The minute I realized I was worried I instantly thought of your Black Hole blog and how I actually threw my energy right down the Black Hole. I LOVE that your blogs are positively impacting my thinking – thank you!)

      • Dearest Boobah….never think you can’t come here and “just throw your thoughts out there”. They will always be received here with open minds and hearts. It is one of the purposes of this blog and I am so glad you feel you can speak freely. And, I think your thoughts to be very wise. We do not all have to agree to all speak from our own true wisdom.

        I also love that you take things from my writings that help you in your life. Also a reason for writing them and knowing that they may help someone is a great thing. Then the words, and I, fulfill our own purpose!

        Love and hugs to you!!

      • ((((Mardrag)))) Thank you – more than you know. I take great comfort knowing that I can speak from my heart. It has taken me a very long time to trust that part of me and I still need to work on it. It reminds me of your other blog – The Wiser Self. I truly am working on letting my wiser self drive the car for a while. It’s scary but I am developing a sense of faith that I will be better for it!

      • Yeah Boobah! Let that Wiser self go for a spin! LOL! And it is wonderful to hear that you are developing more faith…in yourself. The scary part is just your conscious mind afraid of relinquishing control to the wiser Self. It’s ok….it will soon realize it is part of the same whole that makes you the gem that you are. Happy for you! 🙂

    • BB – I love yor post. i do wonder some times, where have our manners gone? where have our respect for others is? how anout respect of ourselves. when talking about feelings, it is also another area where i wonder why are they bad? why do we call something corny when it used to be sweet? when did talk about sex and other tabbos became acceptable, and instead those who choose not to get critizised, whent things were the other way atound before. i guess the lis goes on for me. as i said earlier, all I (me myslef and i) can do is do my part to not contribute to the bad, and try to do the right thing for me and all around me. i have noticed more and more, so i am hoping i am improving.

      • I LOVE your post, Cali! You are right – where have our good manners gone? A great question! I sure wish I had answers. IMO, manners have gone by the wayside, just like many of our greatest attributes – patience, compassion, etc. Of course, not everyone fits this and I have been very lucky to know of some very fine people that demonstrate excellent qualities – for example the people here on this blog, on Empress’s blog, and NMD’s blog! I know that I am a better person for having connected with some amazing people via these blogs.

      • Boobah and Cali….it is good to know there are still people who feel the way we do about these things…..as on a whole….it appears we have lost these very critical attributes. And. look at what is happening to the world because of it. That is why I wrote this blog….we have to stop and think and be responsible for this and change it.

        Having said that…I feel very fortunate to have met the people I have at these same places you mention Boobah. It gives me hope that you are all out there. Now….let’s take this “out there” and spread the word where we can. And make those changes in our own lives. If enough people begin that process, it will spread. I have to believe that. The alternative is unacceptable to me!

        You both….as are others here and at the other blogs….are all bright shining lights in this world. Shine, sparkle and dazzle the world with your light!!

  4. Loved your blog MarDrag, it does all start with ourselves. Some are saying that the shooter was a disturbed individual. No one was watching over him. His poor mother wasn’t up to the task, as he killed her first. Our society allows people to fall into solitary lives, with no one caring. What can we do? Care about our families, and reach out to those who have no one. Perhaps we need to put those who are disturbed into hospitals, for everyone’s good. All of these mass killers start out with a break with reality. How can we identify them and stop them in time? I have heard that the CT shooter’s facebook was full of hate. That would have been the first warning sign, if anyone was paying attention. His own brother admitted he had not seen him for at least 2 years. It looks like to me, after they divorced, the father took the older son, the mother took the one with problems. I don’t like to say this without more information, but if I found out that my son had a facebook account like that, and was known to be “odd” I would try to get him help.

    It is such a horrible tragedy, to take out your aggression anyone, but especially little children. I’ve cried a lot of tears, just cannot imagine what these poor families are going thru.

    There was a statistic flashed on my tv screen last night that really scared me. 47 % of Americans have guns in their homes. How many more tragedies are we going to witness before something is done to stop all these guns available to anyone that decides to go on a rampage.

    To those that think they need to be armed, think about it. The drug dealers aren’t going on rampages at schools & malls. All the “bad guys” that have guns are a problem. I’m willing to let the police handle the bad guys. If everyone gave up their weapons, and no one was allowed to buy another automatic hand gun, AK47, etc. then maybe we would see these murderous rampages decline.

    If you like to hunt, then all the hunting weapons (which do not include AK47s and automatic hand guns!) could be locked up in your local hunting club.

    We Americans have the most violent society in the world.

    • Bluesky..I agree with you on so many levels. We have had blinders on for too long, and we need to take them off, look around, and do what obviously needs to be done. No more excuses!

      I am one of those that agree on the gun issue. If this young man had not had guns so easily in reach….yesterday’s carnage would not have happened. Period. He could not have done that with a knife or bow & arrow, etc. Only a gun.

      For those that say we can’t take away their right to have guns….I say….how dare you say that when a child’s right to live has been taken away.

      Thanks for your input and wise words. I hope you have as good a Sat. as you can. Hugs!

  5. I am not a defender of guns. I don’t like them. (My son has a rifle for hunting which is safely locked away._ However, I honestly do not see a way to rid our country of them. There will always be someone, somewhere selling them to whomever wants them. Stricter gun laws will help the situation, but will not stop guns from getting into the hands of those who want them.

    The prison system is the largest provider of mental health care in the US. We should put more money into preventing these diseases from manifesting in violence instead of treating people after it does. The more state and federal budgets cut mental health funding, the further these illnesses progress. Mental illness is an ILLNESS. We need to stop pretending that mental illness doesn’t exist, and start helping those who suffer from it before it’s too late.

    We need to pay more attention to what our children are saying, texting, doing, etc. and recognize when they are in trouble and need us to get them help. We need to advocate for our children and realize that, often they won’t like us for doing so, but will thank us in the end. We need to stop being friends and start being parents.

    There is so much pain in this situation, and I am in no way pointing fingers at the parent’s off the shooter. I do not know what their situation was or how/if they tried to help their child. None of us do. I am only speaking in general of what I have personally experienced dealing with mental illness.

    • Thank you for your comments trudie. I don’t think we will ever be rid of guns either, but stricter laws will at least help. I completely agree about the mental illness issue and the need for parents to keep a closer eye on what their children are doing…whether the children like it or not. We are way past the age of “not dampening their free spirit”. I would like to see more parents paying attention…while I also see that is very difficult in this current climate. However, I do not see how we can keep to that as an excuse anymore. We need to find a way!

      Hope you are well sweetie. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Hi MarDrag – I found you through the Empress. I once worked at a catholic hospital. One aspect of the culture is not to use “violent” terms. For instance, in presentations, we use dot points, not bullet points. Instead of blowing up a picture or shooting a picture, we enlarge it or take it. I would challenge everyone to try it for a month or so and to see how it changes your perspective. For me, it re-sensitized me to how we take advantage of the words we use everyday. Even though I no longer work for the organization, I try to continue the practice.

    • Welcome codystl! I just love what you say here. I think it is wonderful and something everyone should do. I too, pay attention to the words I use in this manner….and found myself doing so when I wrote these posts. The more we do it, the more it will be a natural and impacting change.

      Thank you so much for sharing your wise thoughts!

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