It’s Childs’ Play!


“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.” ~ Jim Henson

“Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do.”  ~Jean de la Bruyere

“My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.”  ~Ron Olson

Kids Play 1

from the Desk of MarDrag:

DD and I both had quite a busy week and got together on Sunday to chat and do some cooking. We were making up some healthy meals (we are working to shed a few pounds before the holiday) and cooking and baking are fun for us, they are our tension relievers. We were making quite a mess, doing loads of dishes and pots and pans and talking about what the next week would hold for us. One of the things we were cooking was whole wheat spaghetti for a couple of different recipes we were putting together.

And suddenly, out of nowhere, I threw a spaghetti noodle against the wall to see if it would stick.

It took DD by such surprise that she started giggling hysterically, and reminded me of the first time I had done that when she was about 7 years old. At that time, she was first shocked that I would throw food, then giggled hysterically when I told her it was ok, that’s how you tell when it’s done. And she, of course, threw her own noodle. (I can still see her red-cheeked cherubic face full of laughter!). She had a good arm! And I told HER a story about my twin and I when we were 3 years old and were left in the kitchen for a few minutes with a freshly baked cake. When my mother came back in, guess where the cake was? Hint: it made a very good surface to skate with on the floor.

Well, you can imagine this started a whole set of antics in the kitchen yesterday that had us laughing and giggling like 7 year olds. By the time we were done cooking, packing up and cleaning, we were exhausted…..but happy. And our stress was long gone, having dissolved into a puddle of merriment, and our day ended in a warm embrace of release and content.

We all should have more moments like that, where the inner child comes forward and takes over, and insists that we remember to play….for what is life without it anyway?

It got me thinking that we have lost our spontaneity these days, OR, (on a global level) our playfulness has taken on a sinister quality. We have lost our innocence, which has been derailed by the harshness of the landscape of the world, dastardly comments and pranks, reality TV, lack of tolerance and compassion, and any number of other issues.

In one of Ellen Degeneres’s cable specials, she talks about this too….and jokes that we should just start to play with each other again. She suggests playing tag….running up to someone on the street, yelling your It!, then run away…and see what happens. Unfortunately, these days you would likely get clobbered….but I love the sentiment she conveys. We can certainly play with our loved ones, family and children. When was the last time you jump roped with your spouse?  Or swirled hula hoops? Or played hide and seek with your adult children? Or jumped on a mud puddle instead of going around it? Or threw spaghetti noodles at the wall while cooking?

Kids Play 3

There is an innocence that a child sees the world through, and perhaps, if we take a few moments to recall that, to see at least our own worlds through those eyes, just for a bit….maybe it would make our lives happier….and maybe it would spread….from person to person, house to house, street to street, city to city, and on and on….and we could recapture some of what we lived by when the world was a kinder, gentler, simpler place to be. That’s what MY inner child would like!

So, I dare ya…double dare ya!…to do something deliberately child like today. Call up your inner child and ask them what they want to do. And play. At first, you might feel foolish, but keep going, and pretty soon, you may find yourself laughing with the abandon that only a child laughs with, right down there, in the pit of your belly! Sigh…..How fun!

Kids Play 2



12 comments on “It’s Childs’ Play!

    • Thanks JustDee! We do have a great relationship.We have worked hard on it though. These days, if we have disagreements and we have to work through them, we talk to each other, and then move on and go back to having fun. I am VERY blessed to have that kind of relationship with my DD. I am aware that alot of parents/kids don’t…and I certainly did not with my mother. But, she passed when I was very young so I don’t know if we would have eventually developed a good one. I like to think we would have!

      Now, I GET TO have that kind with my DD, and I am grateful for that! 🙂

      How are you doing sweetie? How is your mom doing?

      • Yes, you’re very blessed to have that and so is your daughter! Sorry you lost your mom young though 😦

        Mom hasn’t been feeling too well the last few days. We had an appointment this morning to remove fluid (the cause) and then they decided not to do it. Ugh.

      • Oh sweetie, I am so sorry to hear that! I know how hard all this is for you. My mom passed from cancer too, when I was 18 yrs old. She was sick for 3/4 yrs with it before she died and it was the fluid in her lungs that was the final issue. I took care of her the last 2 years. (Plus an aunt & uncle later on).

        I know this is also the second time you have been through this……so please know, I understand and send you lots of energy and strength your way to help you get through it.

        Do you have any help? Siblings who can give you a reprieve? Will your family be joining you for holidays?

        Sorry if I am getting too personal. Just know that I care….and send you warm thoughts and hugs!!

      • That’s so young to be a caretaker! Wow. ((((((MarDrag)))))))

        I have a brother I can count on anytime – he’s at my mom’s house now and has been for over 2 weeks overseeing demolition and reconstruction of her kitchen. (Mold friggin EVERYWHERE! They’re having to rip out pantry, cabinets, etc…)

        I have a sister too. She’s a retired nurse(!!!). She was here for two weeks in March and offered mom just last week that if I needed another break she’d come down. I said no thanks. Under my breath I said “Too Little Too Late You Selfish Effin’ Bitch” 😆

        We’re going to all be together at Mom’s house for Christmas. I was planning on going home but I know Mom REALLY wants everyone there so I relented. I figure I can bite my tongue for 2 days.

      • Well, yeah for having your brother to help out with that! What a mess!

        Regarding your sister…so you have one of those too? 😛 And a retired nurse? And she is not there with you? Geez! I am sorry hon. (I went through that myself when I had to move from one state to another to care for aunt & uncle both at same time & none of my siblings came to help. At all.)

        So, hang in there. At some point in your life you will be glad you have done what you are now doing and it will be a Blessing. I know you want to go home, but this may be the final Christmas for you all to be together and that will also mean something to you down the road.

        Being in the midst of all of this makes it difficult to know that it is a worthy time. But, it will come to you….and you will be grateful for it when it does.

        Much love, hugs and blessings!!

      • I was wondering how you got so wise for your years! You’ve definitely “been through it” too.

        I know I’m doing the right thing here and I’ll be glad later. As far as my sister goes, I WAS furious but now I’ve let it go. She’s not worth stressing myself over.

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