Saturday Stuff


Good Morning! I hope everyone is well today. Though I am better than the last couple of days, I am still a bit under the weather and I’m sorry, I did not get a post done for today.Β  But, I promise to have one up for tomorrow, Sunday. I will take it easy today and spend it in my favorite chair with my remote! πŸ™‚

So, until tomorrow…..Hugs and Blessings and Wishes for a wonderful weekend go out to all of you! And many thanks for visiting!


Keep Heart Open


9 comments on “Saturday Stuff

    • Hi sweetie…thank you! I am feeling much better tonight. Been sipping brandy and keeping cozy in my fav chair with my fav blanket. I will be up and around tomorrow surely.

      I just peeked in over at the other blog too. Sooooo glad to see your move is over and you found the place that works for you, Tux (that handsome boy!) and mom. You must have been absolutely buried in stress……and I am glad it is relieved for you now. And you get a piece of nature in the plan! Yeah! Take your time unpacking…It will always be there the next morning!

      I toast my brandy glass to your wine glass….and wish you a restful evening. Love, light, power and hugs to you from the land of sunshine and unicorns! πŸ˜›

      • Awwww, Thanks! It’s been rough, time was running OUT!
        But things worked out for the best in the end, sooo relieved.

        SO glad you’re feeling better! Gotta be the Brandy……Or the Unicorns, lol. πŸ˜€

        PS…..I was giddy a little too soon. Right after my posting at Lynn’s Place last night my cable AND internet went out. Arrrgggghhhh! (It’s back now. Whew.)

      • How frustrating! I hate when that happens! I am glad all is back on for you and that you feel such relief having accomplished this huge task of moving. I hope you get to take a few moments for yourself and just release and relax.

        I am significantly better today…It was the Brandy AND the Unicorns! πŸ˜› And the well wishes from you and all the great peeps here and over there.

        I hope your Sunday is off to a good start. Wishing you the best!

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