The Possibility of a Moment


“Know that what you call life is a succession of assorted moments all strung together in a wonderful, random series of energy events determined by the elegance of your conscious choices within each present moment. The next moment of experience is created through your conscious choices within this moment. Know that this moment you are creating your next best possible experience in an endless range of possibilities, of consequences, of circumstances, of relationships, of experiences and energy events.

Appreciate these moments and grow that appreciation. Confront these moments in peace and love and release all tension and opposition, relaxing into the moment, knowing all is well. Fully experience the current moment. Intend to experience the highest and best possibility of each moment as a self-fulfilling creation of the next best possible moment. Let that be your experience as often as you can. Be aware. Create your moments one by one. See how great, how elegant you can be, and experience what happens.”  ~ Reverend Joy Dial

from the Desk of MarDrag:

I ran across this passage in a book I look through from time to time for my own inspiration. I had the pleasure of knowing, for a time, the author of the book, Reverend Joy Dial. We had many deep and powerful conversations and I learned a great deal from her.

This passage stood out to me last night because, in this day and age, we are all rushing through life, running through our days full of activities, obligations and, as one of the posters here so eloquently stated yesterday, “dictated by chores, errands, to-do lists, and countless tasks just to get to the end of the day unscathed” (thank you Boobah!). I was moved by the truth of that statement and got to thinking about the breakdown of each moment of our days and how they might be different if we saw a day, or lived it, moment by moment.

We are all in such high gear that we forget that a day IS made up of moments, as the Reverend says, strung together. But we live as if each day is one accumulation of 24 hours that we have to “get through” or manage and we lose our awareness that we are in control of each moment and that each moment is there with the potential for us to enjoy it, or at the very least, acknowledge our accomplishments or those of others. Most of the time, we are berating ourselves for not getting more done, for feeling inadequate, or for not being as good as we feel we can be.

And the moments just slip away, one by one, never to be reclaimed again.

Today….appreciate each moment of your day. Be aware as possible of the gift of each moment and savor it. Know that there are endless possibilities for each moment you spend today and that YOU have the power to choose how it is spent. Experience each moment to the fullest, no matter what you are doing. Create those moment how YOU want them to be, even while tending to obligations and tasks because, even in those moments, we can be “elegant” (as the Rev. says) in how we choose to live them.

Because this moment, right now, is creating your next moment.

I love the moments I spend with you all here, and I love that you spend some of your moments on my blog, and I hope that those moments are enjoyable and fulfilling!



15 comments on “The Possibility of a Moment

  1. What an honor to be mentioned in your blog!!! Thank you! I feel so cool. 8)

    I love how the Reverend used the word elegantly. I like that. This post is great because I want to live in the moment more. I can get stressed out over something and can waste lots of precious energy just worrying about whatever it is. For me balance is something I try to work on and remembering to live in the moment helps me move in that direction. It is not easy – at all.

    The passage was very inspirational. I bet Reverend Joy Dial was a very interesting person. You must have had so many great conversations with her. IMO, those kinds of conversations are some of the best life moments.


    • You are a star Boobah! And I mean that! I did have many moments of good conversation with her and they were some of the best moments I have spent. I, too, like the word elegant, it emotes a different kind of energy, and one I aspire to.

      Balance is not easy to keep every day…….but striving for it is a good moment to reflect on! Good for you to keep your focus on it. 🙂

      • You are so sweet. ((Mardrag))

        Balance is difficult. And man, oh man, do I fail. But that’s where your blogs and especially today’s, are really great at giving reminders and inspiration for healthy living.

        I actually actively tried to stay in the moment today and I cannot believe how often my mind wandered to the future. It’s not easy!

      • (((Boobah)))….you are inspiring me to do a blog on Balance and how to keep it! Balance is tricky, as the very word indicates. We balance on a tightrope every day just living our lives.

        Here is a little trick for you…IF you can do something about that future thing you are worrying about in the next 15 minutes….then do it, and you will feel better. IF you can’t do anything to change or deal with that thing in the next 15 minutes (which is likely), then LET IT GO….just for that duration. Remember that worrying is a useless function. It does nothing to help or change anything. All it does is cause stress.

        Try taking your day in 15 minute increments and, just for that time, stop worrying. And, of course, just when you think about it, as your day will be filled up with other thoughts too. But, the more you catch yourself and think. oh, the next 15 minutes are mine to have free thought, the more you practice this, the more you can actively change your habit of worrying or living in the future. And so, you retrain your mind to be present for this moment now, to enjoy or be productive.

        I hope this helps. I will put this on my “list of things to blog about”. Thank you for your conversations and input! 🙂

  2. “Confront these moments in peace and love and release all tension and opposition, relaxing into the moment, knowing all is well”

    I just wanted to repeat that. 😀

    • It bears repeating doesn’t it? Sometimes it is difficult to do that, but confronting moments in anger or frustration doesn’t help the moment be any different, it just makes us more unhappy…and the moment is still there to deal with. If we can confront moments in peace and love, we can make it to the next moment in a better place, and make that moment better too.

      I hope the moments of your day today are good ones! 😀

  3. Mardrag,

    Thanks for the tips on balance and worrying. Really great ideas! Seems so simple but actually takes discipline.
    I have had a lot of time on my hands this week to think about stuff like this as I have been home sick (nothing serious – went to Dr. today and it’s just one of those seasonal sinus bugs). Come Monday, it will be interesting to see how well I do staying in the moment.

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