Taking Steps One At A Time

This picture caught my attention yesterday when I was looking for something else, and I was struck by the message I saw here. Life is full of small to large challenges, events, obligations and hopes that we take steps on every day. We may just be starting at the bottom of the stairs, or we may be in the middle wondering if we should continue….and sometimes we get to the top and can claim victory.

But this picture reminded me that, everything is a step by step process, and we always have to begin at the bottom and complete the steps, the process, to get to the top of those stairs where completion, success or victory await us.

So, if you are on a journey on the “staircase of life” and if you are challenged and wondering if you should continue, or discouraged because the end is not in sight for you…….just remember that the next step on the staircase is so close….it is right there, waiting for you to “step up” to it and when you do…it elevates you and gives you courage when you find that you can really do it.

Reaching that next step is such an accomplishment, so acknowledge yourself for getting there and be proud of your progress. Then look up, and know the next step is there to receive and support you…and when you get to the top you can raise your arms and dance the happy dance that you believed in yourself and your “staircase of life” enough to keep going.

It may look like a trudge up those stairs, but with each step conquered you gather energy and confidence to keep going….and the top of the stairs is really there, waiting with success and victory. What an achievement! Well done!

Today we can say we reached the top of the stairs of the week and made it to Friday! LOL!

So do the happy dance and have a great weekend!


6 comments on “Taking Steps One At A Time

  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 😀
    Loved your post on Courage and yesterdays cupcakes made me hungry, lol.
    I’m takin’ a break and sitting on step one today!

    • Hey there hon! You made me laugh! Some days are just like that! LOL! It’s ok…the stairs will still be there tomorrow and the next day, etc.

      Glad you liked the post on Courage. And I like those cupcakes too……a little TOO much! She takes them to work and gives them away…quickly thank goodness!

      Hugs to you doll! 🙂

  2. Great post, Mardrag. When you look at life’s difficulties, seeing them in steps does make it more manageable. This reminds me a little of the Stages of Change/denial model. But this staircase of life seems more comforting.
    I always get ahead of myself and worry. Worry, worry, worry. When I heard about the Nor’Easter…well, forget about it….my brain kicked into over-drive! This post kinda helps me realize that it’s days away, if it comes at all and worrying today does nothing good!
    Taking things in steps makes it easier and removes all the unnecessary negative thoughts. (Well, sometimes. 😉 ).

    You are an inspirational person and your blogs are comforting, encouraging, and thoughtful.

    Thank you.

    (Hope this comment posts. Damn phone)

    • Hi Boobah….got your post! And I am glad you find something comforting here to help you through the madness. It is my quest.

      I too like the message this little picture emoted. One step at a time is sometimes hard to do, but gives us a better perspective. Another trick I will share with you……if you can do something about what you are worrying about in the next 15 minutes, then do it, and move on. If you cant. such as the weather, then just for the next 15 mins, do not worry about it. Let it go. Do this at 15 min intervals, and it really helps to retrain the mind to get out of worry mode.

      Having said that, I know you have a lot to worry about right now, but try to remember that “worry” doesn’t fix anything and that energy is better used elsewhere.

      I hope this helps, and know that so much good energy, strength and compassion are being sent your way! And Hugs too! 🙂

  3. good morning! its Saturday 🙂

    i love this post about steps, along with the one about courage. one step at a time instead of overwelming myself with everything at once or over thinking things. one step at a time can make things easier.

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