The Wiser Self


“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”  ~ William Shakespeare

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  ~ Aristotle

“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”  ~ Oprah Winfrey

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”  ~ Jimmy Hendrix

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”  ~ Confucius

“The simple things are also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”  ~ Paulo Coelho

*** “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”  ~ Lao Tzu

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”  ~ Carl Jung

*** “We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”  ~ Joseph Campbell

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”  ~ Socrates

from the Desk of MarDrag:

For this post, first, let’s address what unique beings we humans are. We truly are distinctive characters, each individual in our own right, no two exactly the same. We have the ability to feel, to act, to think and to reason. We have the capacity to excel in ways no other creature can. We are such multi-layered, many faceted beings, like a prism hanging in a ray of sun, all our aspects and features glittering and reflecting, shaping us to make up a whole person. We have a powerful brain full of knowledge, a conscious and sub-conscious mind available for us to use and explore.

As we peel back the layers of our self, we discover…or uncover….the facets of our inner being that have been hidden or submerged or that we may not have been aware of. One of those facets or aspects of ourselves is called “The Wiser Self”.

I am quite sure you have all heard the terms “inner voice”, or “my gut tells me”, or “my intuition”. (I spoke briefly about this in the post “Those Voices In My Head”). We are all mostly aware of this inner voice that speaks to us when we are faced with decisions, choices or mode of behavior. Depending on how in touch we are with ourselves, at times we will listen to that voice and take heed of what it says, while at other times, especially if its advice is contrary to what we want to do (or are not sure of), we will justify not listening to it, and act as if it does not exist. This inner voice, this intuition, comes from this facet of ourselves, this “Wiser Self”. Some of you may be familiar also with the term “Higher Self”, which is speaking of the same thing.

This “Wiser Self” is on a higher plain than our mundane, every day self. There is a greater part of ourselves than the one we and others see on a daily basis. There is an “all knowing” part of our mind and our deepest soul. If we are truly honest with ourselves, we can admit that there is a truly intelligent, wise, astute, clever and sensible part of us that we don’t allow to operate a good deal of the time, or, that we don’t allow ourselves to trust.

How often do we give over to the Wiser voice, our gut feeling, our true intuition, freely and without hesitation? And how often do we make justifications, trying to outwit that voice and make a case for our doing the thing we know is not, or are not sure, is the best choice for us? It is a common thing, something we all do, whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

Even though we know that voice is from the Wiser or Higher part of ourselves, we struggle with listening to it because we tend not to trust ourselves…and we think that if we keep our focus on our daily conscious mind, we can work things out in the way we want to see rather than what is best for us or the way it is meant to be.

Truthfully, we should be integrating our “Higher Self” to make it a vital essential part of our being, melded with all the other layers of who we are, and make it a fundamental, critical and indispensable part of our lives.

Our “Wiser Self” has always been there, is always there, ready to inform and guide us, it never leaves us. It is fiercely loyal, a staunch supporter and wants only what is best for us. And knows what is best. Better than our mundane selves do. For it carries within it “infinite intelligence”.

While we walk this walk, our “Higher and Wiser Self” is riding right along with us, ready and able to steer us in the right direction…in fact will always point us in the right direction because it sees the bigger picture that we can not see and has the advantage of the innate wisdom and insight stored there ready for us to access. It is also connected to the divine spirit of whatever higher power we aspire to. It is that part of us that is the receptor of the divine energy, the God energy, the Great Spirit, the Goddess, (however you define it) that we all pray to and implore to answer our prayers. It is the link to a higher consciousness, that greater part of ourselves that rises out of the mundane physical and reaches the spiritual realm. Here, there is infinite intelligence, not hindered by mental chatter and customary influence, but intelligence that rises above that chatter into the clarity of the divine, the all knowing state. Here, it is possible to access infinite intelligence and link with it, bond with it, make it a part of our everyday self. There is that higher part of us that is ultimately smarter about us than we give it credit for, or trust.

Sometimes, it is difficult to rise above the circumstances in our lives and allow the “Wiser Self” to be present. At times we are too weary, or sad, depressed, weighed down by the burden of the pebbles we carry and mired in daily life, or we think “what is the use”? Here is a way to change that.

Think of your life like it is a car. It has wheels for movement, mirrors to see forward and back, and windows for clarity. You are in the driver’s seat, gripping the steering wheel. But, you are not sure what direction to take, or what to do about a situation in your life, or even just life in general.  So, ask your “Wiser Self” to take over. Slide into the passenger seat and allow your “Wiser Self” to take the steering wheel and choose the direction. Slide out of the way and let your Wise, all-knowing self have a voice. And trust and listen to that intuitive voice.

The “Wiser or Higher Self” will always guide us in the right direction because it carries infinite intelligence with it and it always has our best interest uppermost in its intentions. We need not fear, at all, where it will take us. We can relax, and let it fulfill its purpose. We need to make a commitment to listen to its voice, even if our conscious mind fights it, and it may at first, because it is used to having all the power. But the more we listen, the stronger the voice of the “Wiser Self” will become, and the better we will feel about our lives as we see ourselves adjusting to the direction we are meant to go. And we will no longer attempt to justify not listening, because it will become instinct, and we will be so much happier with ourselves and the results we will see in our mood, behavior and everyday lives. We will be empowered with our own wisdom.


(P.S. There is an actual meditation I have written about “The Steering Wheel and The Wiser Self”. If anyone is interested in knowing more about it, or getting help with it, let me know in the comments or at the contact information on my contact page above.)

Wednesday ~ “Getting Over The Hump Day” Humor


Happy Wednesday! I am doing something a little different for our humor blog today and dedicating it to all the wonderful, overworked, tired but loving parents out there who could use a good chuckle mid-week.

Enjoy & Blessings!

“When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out.”  ~ Erma Bombeck

“I love to play hide and seek with my kid, but some days my goal is to find a hiding place where he can’t find me until after high school.”  ~ Author Unknown

“If your kids are giving you a headache, follow the directions on the aspirin bottle, especially the part that says “keep away from children.” ~ Susan Savannah

“No matter how calmly you try to referee, parenting will eventually produce bizarre behavior, and I’m not talking about the kids.”  ~ Bill Cosby

“The quickest way for a parent to get a child’s attention is to sit down and look comfortable.” ~ Lane Olinghouse

“There are few things more satisfying than seeing your children have teenagers of their own.”  ~ Doug Larson

“In general, my children refuse to eat anything that hasn’t danced on television.”  ~ Erma Bombeck

These are actual School Excuse Notes from parents (including spelling):

My son is under a doctor’s care and should not take P.E. today. Please execute him.

Please excuse Lisa for being absent. She was sick and I had her shot.

Dear School: Please ekscuse John being absent on Jan. 28, 29, 30, 31,32, and also 33.

Please excuse Gloria from Jim today. She is administrating.

Please excuse Roland from P.E. for a few days. Yesterday he fell out of a tree and misplaced his hip.

John has been absent because he had two teeth taken out of his face.

Carlos was absent yesterday because he was playing football. He was hurt in the growing part.

Megan could not come to school today because she has been bothered by very close veins.

Chris will not be in school cus he has an acre in his side.

Please excuse Ray Friday from school. He has very loose vowels.

Please excuse Tommy for being absent yesterday. He had diarrhea and his boots leak.

Irving was absent yesterday because he missed his bust.

Please excuse Jimmy for being. It was his father’s fault. (my favorite!)

Sally won’t be in school a week from Friday. We have to attend her funeral.

My daughter was absent yesterday because she was tired. She spent a weekend with the Marines.

Please excuse Jason for being absent yesterday. He had a cold and could not breed well.

Please excuse Mary for being absent yesterday. She was in bed with gramps.

Gloria was absent yesterday as she was having a gangover.

Please excuse Burma, she has been sick and under the doctor.

About Perception or Through The Looking Glass


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”  ~ Edgar Allen Poe

“The more I see, the less I know for sure.”  ~ John Lennon

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”  ~ Carl Jung

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”  ~ W.B. Yeats

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.”  ~ William Blake

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”  ~ Lao Tzu

“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.”   ~ Aldous Huxley

“Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty.”  ~ David Hume

“No one else has access to the world you carry around within yourself; you are its custodian and entrance. No one else can see the world the way you see it. No one else can feel your life the way you feel it. Thus it is impossible to ever compare two people because each stands on such different ground.”  ~ John O’Donohue

“In this treacherous world, nothing is the truth nor a lie. Everything depends on the color of the crystal through which one sees it.”  ~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca

from the Desk of MarDrag:

Through the looking glass, Alice says in Wonderland, through the looking glass we go. As we go, is our vision clear, and do we see what we really see? Is it our imagination? Or is it truth with a lesson for us to see?

We are certain to fall down a rabbit hole or two….and meet madhatters (in our own minds) that would confuse and mislead us. Even cheshire cats that would smile at us as they tell us wrongs. So how do we know if we are in a dream, or have fallen into a nightmare?

It is all in the Perception of what we see in the glass.

I have a perpetuating circumstance going on (and on!) in my life that….in my darkest moments I cringe and grouse about and call it a nightmare. I have a very colorful vocabulary in which I find many words to castigate myself with and my soul can burn with impatience and angst about it. In my better moments and lighter moods, I can see it as just a nuisance and recognize that it is here for a reason and is not ready to be worked out yet. Though I have tried many “brilliant options” to change it, it stays the same….for now. Some days it looms huge in my perception, while other days it shrinks to a small pebble that I would, if I could, kick aside.

So, if several people look at that same pebble, would everyone see that rock the same? Or will some see it for its beauty while others see just a hard chunk of earth.

It is all in the Perception.

Situations in our lives and the world are what they are and we should certainly take steps to change, gain movement or better things as we live our lives. Taking active steps to adjust, modify or transform our lives (and the world) are essential to growth and movement so we live the lives we wish to and make ourselves the better people we aspire to be and the world (as well as our own little world) the better place we wish it to be.

But the first step is still….changing our Perception.

A looking glass can be looked “through”, but it also has a reflection. And in that reflection is our true self. If we look long and hard at that reflection, we will see the truth of the matter and, big or small, we will find its source….and our way home to the solution.

It is all in the Perception.

If we look at it with negative eyes, we will only see the harshness of it. If we look at it with positive eyes, we will see that, though there may be pain, angst or frustration about it, we can still manage it until the change is ready to happen. When it is time, we will wake up to the solution, or at the very least, the acceptance there is a reason it still perpetuates. Then the beauty of it, or the humor, can make its way through and we can move on from it for the moment and set a lovely tea to enjoy.

Either way….it is all in the Perception.


Monday Mirth


Happy Monday Everyone! I thought we could all use a bit of laughter to take us into Monday and set us on a course of amusement for the week, so enjoy the chuckles below and laugh til your hair stands on end. It will keep everyone guessing what you’re up to today!!

Love, Hugs, and Blessings!!  😀

Surviving Life


“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” ~ Seneca

“Somehow, even in the worst of times, the tiniest fragments of good survive. It is the grip in which one holds those fragments that counts.”  ~ Melina Marchetta

“No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side.”  ~ Stephen King

“Yet, if you can get through the twilight, you’ll live through the night.”  ~ Dorothy Parker

“Dignity is as essential to human life as water, food, and oxygen. The stubborn retention of it, even in the face of extreme hardship, can hold a man’s soul in his body long past the point at which the body should have surrendered it.”  ~ Laura Hillenbrand

“Keep busy with survival. Imitate the trees. Learn to lose in order to recover, and remember that nothing stays the same for long, not even pain. Sit it out. Let it all pass. Let it go.”  ~ May Sarton

**** “Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it.”  ~ Robertson Davies

from the Desk of MarDrag:

In the post “The Possibility of a Moment”, there is a quote that reads….”life is a series of moments strung together”……and so it is. Sometimes, the string of moments are a beautiful thread that lights up our tapestries and weaves a wonderful picture in our lives, with sweeping goodly emotions and breathtaking panoramas. But, sometimes those moments can be made up of frayed threads, broken strings and colors all awash with frightening darkness and anguish.  Sometimes things happen in life that are unexpected, unexplained and uncontrollable, and we despair about what to do or how to do it, or make it change or fix it, or how to make it better or right itself.

It is easy to love ourselves through the good moments, to be proud of ourselves and to manage life as that part of the tapestry weaves itself. But when the weave goes awry, what then do we do to our tapestries?

In the quote above, Laura Hillenbrand says, “Dignity is as essential to human life as water, food, and oxygen.” And that, I believe, is what makes the difference. If we can maneuver through the damaged threads of our tapestry with dignity, then we can survive the moments that would otherwise ruin the bind.  It is the poise and character with which we face those broken threads that give them the substance to be gathered up again and rewoven into the fabric of our pictures. And it is those mended threads that give our tapestries the quality, personality, and spirit that make it our own story, our own unique existence. It is these faulted moments that make up the landscape of our lives and make them the distinctive and irreplaceable embroidery that we call our self……and without them…..and the dignity with which we hold our heads high in the face of them…..that sets us apart from each other.

Surviving life, or the break in our threads, does not come easy. But somehow, through our acts of courage to move on, we find that we are stronger than we thought ourselves to be because, yes, another day has come and gone, and we survived it. And then time passes into something else.

So, take up your needles, thread your threads, and weave those landscapes in the most amazing ways you can imagine….broken and frayed threads and all…..and hang your tapestries proudly for all the world to see. Some will judge it, some will criticize it, and some will even dislike it….but that does not matter.  Because it is those that love it (including ourselves) that really count and they will always be there to help us stitch and mend the threads we have torn, and they will love us even more for having tried. As we should too, for ourselves and others.

Now stand back, and look at the tapestry as a whole picture, and see that one thread does not define the picture of itself…it takes many threads of different colors, to make the self a whole. And in that, lies the beauty. And also in that, lies the soul that survived through all the stitching.  That, in and of itself, is a miracle. And so are you!


You Are Not Alone



by Maya Angelou

Lying, thinking, Last night, How to find my soul a home, Where water is not thirsty, And bread loaf is not stone, I came up with one thing, And I don’t believe I’m wrong, That nobody, But nobody, Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone, Nobody, but nobody, Can make it out here alone.

There are some millionaires, With money they can’t use, Their wives run round like banshees, Their children sing the blues, They’ve got expensive doctors, To cure their hearts of stone, But nobody, No, nobody, Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone, Nobody, but nobody, Can make it out here alone.

Now if you listen closely, I’ll tell you what I know, Storm clouds are gathering, The wind is gonna blow, The race of man is suffering, And I can hear the moan,, ‘Cause nobody, But nobody, Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone, Nobody, but nobody, Can make it out here alone.

from the Desk of MarDrag:

It seems that so many are going through rough times or hardships these days….and with the holidays upon us….some can feel more alone than ever. Even with people around, or support, one can still feel isolated….or as if there is no one just for them, no one to hold a hand, or lend an ear, a shoulder, just for them.

But the poem above says, no one can make it out here alone….and so, let us gather round each other and hold hands, and hearts in hands, and let each other know without a doubt that no one has to be alone…no one has to go through it alone.

Over these last months, I have seen it happen over and over again at the Lynn’s Place blog and here….that when a soul is hurt or burdened, all they need to do is speak of it, and virtually every kind and giving person reaches out, extends their hand and offers a gift from their heart to lift the spirits from sadness, and let these people know….that they are not alone.

While I grieve for those whose lives are touched by heavy loads they carry…..I am also touched by the compassion and support that all of these wonderful people gather together to serve as a cushion so that those heavy loads do not crush…..and my faith in (wo)mankind is reborn every day that I spend with these people….and I know that, no matter what happens….all will be right with the world because they are in it.

Let my hand join yours as I reach out to help strengthen that cushion and tell you…from me….you are not alone! If you think you are, I am here for you. (Let me know what I can do either in the comments here, or see my contact page above.)

With so much love to all of you!


Happy Thanksgiving!



I am so grateful for so many things this Thanksgiving Holiday, but one of the things I am MOST grateful for is all of you lovely people who come to this blog everyday to read and find something you can take with you through the day. I appreciate all of you, and treasure the wonderful comments you have made here and the love you show me. It makes my life so rich and warms my heart!




The Balancing Act


“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”  ~ Rumi

“The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people, with balance in their lives, who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner.”  ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

“The trick is to find the balance between the bright colors of humor and the serious issues of identity.”  ~ Wendy Wasserstein

“You see, we cannot draw lines and compartments and refuse to budge beyond them. Sometimes you have to use your failures as stepping-stones to success. You have to maintain a fine balance between hope and despair.”  ~ Rohinton Mistry

“What is joy without sorrow? What is success without failure? What is a win without a loss? What is health without illness? You have to experience each if you are to appreciate the other. There is always going to be suffering. It’s how you look at your suffering, how you deal with it, that will define you.”  ~ Mark Twain

“Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life.”  ~ Gregory Peck

“Life is a balanced system of learning and evolution. Whether pleasure or pain; every situation in your life serves a purpose. It is up to us to recognize what that purpose could be.”  ~ Steve Maraboli

“You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”  ~ Rumi

from the Desk of MarDrag:

I am quite sure everyone reading this blog has heard some form of the saying, “Without dark there could be no light, and vice versa.” In his quote above, Mark Twain expands on that saying very eloquently. There are two sides to everything, then. There is a “light” side to everything, and there is also its shadow side. We are beings of light, yet we have our shadow side as well.

In this current crazy world, with so many distractions, disruptions and difficulties, we likely spend most of our time on either side. It has become more and more difficult to find the Balance between the two, which is the best space for us to occupy. Mostly we find ourselves in the height of hope or the depth of despair. Yet the place we would find our happiness and comfort is in the middle ground, the centerline of Balance.

It is a delicate sway to hover in the Balance of life. There are so many things that can tip us over to either side. And, I think, our vision and focus linger at either side, trying to define what we see and determine how to deal with it, good or bad. But, what if we altered our focus to see BOTH sides, to acknowledge that what is before us is a WHOLE of a thing, for surely it must be if it has two sides. Two sides always make a whole. To concede that there is a good side and bad side to everything, a light and dark side, a sun and a moon side….is to recognize that life is not as fragmented as we would perceive it, and, if we strive to recognize the whole of a thing in its entirety……then it would appear logical that in order to see that, we would have to be standing in the center of it, on the fine line of Balance. Right?

So….finding Balance is not so much an Act as it is a Perception. All we really have to do is acknowledge that there are two sides to every situation, difficulty, joy, or pleasure and, rather than dissolve into the ultimate depth of either side of it, we see the thing for its Wholeness and revel in the beauty of the Balance that keeps us steady.

If there is despair in your life, acknowledge that there is another side to it, as we all know, and sway your perception to accept the whole of the picture, gaining the knowledge that there is another side to that despair and if you would like, you could find the Balance of it that would keep you steady until the lighter side is illuminated. By the same token, when hope and happiness are there, know that it has a shadow side, recognize that to be grateful for its presence so that you are not disappointed when the shadow side appears. Nothing is always good and nothing is always bad. Life moves through different degrees of both.

Embracing the Whole is what will keep us in Balance….all the while reminding us that life is moving all the time and we will sway to one side or the other, but we do not have to lose our Balance, and we never need be broken apart, or left adrift. Make Balance the point of your focus and your vision will cast wide and you will see life for ALL of its possibilities….and you will not get lost….or lose your Balance.




A Matter of Will


“Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus. Our bodies are our gardens to the which our wills are gardeners.”  ~ William Shakespeare

“Most of life’s actions are within our reach, but decisions take willpower.”  ~ Robert McKee

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”  ~ Tagore

“So many of our Dreams at first seem Impossible, then they seem Improbable, and then when we summon the Will, they seem Inevitable.”  ~ Christopher Reeve

“There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of the determined soul.”  ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“Do or do not. There is no try.”  ~ Yoda

“The star of the unconquered will, he rises in my breast. Serene and resolute and still, and calm and self-possessed.”  ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
”When the will is ready the feet are light.”  ~ Proverb

”Nothing can withstand the power of the human will if it is willing to stake its very existence to the extent of its purpose.”  ~ Benjamin Disraeli

from the Desk of MarDrag:

In the old, tattered and dog-eared pages of the worn hard cover copy of my Oxford American Dictionary that still sits on my desk (collecting dust), the definition of Will is as follows:

WILL: The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action: Diligent purposefulness; determination: Deliberate intention or wish: Self-control; self-discipline: A desire, purpose, or determination

Merriam Webster describes Willpower as:  energetic determination

I like all of these descriptions and definitions, my favorite being; “the mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action.” There is also a common word in all of the definitions: determination.

If we put “deliberately chooses or decides” together with “determination”, we have the perfect characterization of the Will. And we all have one. We use it every day in fact (to different degrees), even when we don’t realize it or are not conscious of it. We use it for small things like completing tasks, or getting the hubby/wife to do something we want them to do, or big things like creating businesses or the next great invention. And we use it for all those things in between.

The thing is….we use our Will frequently, and yet, we may not give it the conscious attention, focus or acknowledgement that we should. It is what we do with our Will, or for many, don’t do, that carries us along our paths in life.

If we would like to craft our lives in the fashion that we want to live, be who we desire and aspire to be, have the things we desire to have, and stop living at the affect of those things that would seem to control us….then we need to change our focus from “why?, I can’t, I don’t want to” or “I don’t know” to “I Will”. And I do not mean the “I will do such and that”. I mean the I WILL which deliberately chooses and makes the decisions of our lives and executes those decisions with determination until the result is to our satisfaction. It is a subtle yet powerful distinction. And one that can change our lives and propel us to realize our potential and that we have the power to overcome our resistance to use our Will in all its positive power.

I am not speaking of Willpower so much as the Power of the Will.

Acknowledge your Will and the influence it has on your life. Then gain command of it by making deliberate choices about yourself and your life, always striving to direct your Will in a positive direction. When we practice letting go of, “Why aren’t things going my way?” to “I will direct my energy in the way I want things to go, and with a strong Will behind it”, then we empower our lives to move in the direction that we wish it to go. If we are honest with ourselves about that direction, and we make sure it is a positive direction toward perfect love and perfect trust, then we need not fear or worry about where it will lead us. Directing the Will from our inner Wiser Self always guides us to the right course on the right road. The one we are truly meant to take.

Do not be afraid to acknowledge your Will. Do not be afraid to use it, but be clear, honest and good in your choices in how you use it. Choose to be empowered in the name of goodness and love, Will that you live your life in abundance and peace and that the rest of the world rise to the goodness of Will as well. A thousand Wills, and hundreds more, one by one…..and you can change not only your own life, but the life of the world.