Prayers Through The Storm


It is well known that a powerful storm is coming upon the East Coast this weekend and through next week. Many of us have family and friends who live there, and even if we do not know anyone personally, the potential for great harm is there.

We can not control the weather, but we can offer our prayers and send positive energy and balancing energy to the people and to the area….that the damage is minimal and everyone makes it through safely.

St. Medard is said to be the patron saint of good weather. Legend has it that he was sheltered from bad weather and heavy rain by an eagle, who spread his wings over the bishop and saved his life. Let us pray to St. Medard that the great eagle spread its wings over the east coast and protect it from great harm.

And let us add to that our prayers to the Sun Gods: Apollo (Roman), Helius (Greek), Lugh (Celtic), Ra (Egypt) and Sunna (Norse)……that the power and warmth of the Sun balance the power of the storm and decrease its ferocity, sending their rays of light over the people to keep them safe.

Join with me in wrapping the east coast in the warmth of prayer and good energy that Mother Nature sees fit to curb her wrath and the Saints and Gods see everyone through this storm safely.

Blessings and Love to All!





6 comments on “Prayers Through The Storm

    • Thank you Cali. There are quite a few people on Lynn’s blog that are on the east coast or have family there, so I thought it would be good to keep the prayers going….and for everyone there. I also have friends there, though they are farther south and may not get anything.

  1. Lovely post, Mardrag!! I had never heard of St. Medard, but I went to school with a boy named Medardo. I’ll bet that’s where they got the name. Praying for all of our LynnFam friends and family members. May they be kept out of harm’s way.

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