The Strategy of Patience


Well, by now you know about me and my dreams! I have a lot of them and derive a great deal of messages and wisdom from them. Having said that, I had another one last night that spoke to me to share with you.

It was a dream about……ANTS! I know, strange isn’t it? But, that is how my mind works. I was actually having a good time with friends in the dream. We were outside in a beautiful grassy, park like area when I looked around and, suddenly, there were mounds of ants around me. They were not bothering me, they were just going about their business, building their homes and occupying their mounds. The one strange thing about the ant mounds was….that there was light shining on each one, individually. Or, light coming up from the ground inside them, or perhaps both. What I knew upon waking was, that those ant mounds were meant to be illuminated in my dream so that I would see and pay attention to them.

So, when I woke, I went to my Animal Medicine Card Deck and read about Ants. And their message is about….Patience. So here, I will share what the book “Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals” by Jamie Sams and David Carson says about Ants and Patience (paraphrased):

“Ant can carry a leaf over hundreds of miles just to get it back to the anthill. Ant’s medicine is the strategy of Patience. Ants are active, community-minded folks who see the greater future needs of their town. They are planners and are content to see their dreams being built a little at a time. In today’s society, that is a rare quality.

Having Ant medicine shows that you are deliberate, and content in knowing that “what is yours will come to you”. It shows a trust in the universe to provide.

If Ant meandered into your cards today, it is time to show a little trust and patience in some life situation. You may have forgotten that you will always receive that which you need at the time you need it most. If it is not on the horizon or just around the next anthill, you may need to use some strategy. How can you put to use your power of creation until “it” arrives – whatever “it” means to you at this time.

Ant is also working for the good of the whole. If you are, be assured that the whole wants the same goodness for you, and that it will be provided.”

from the Desk of MarDrag:

Patience is one of the virtues that is hardest to conquer. At least for me it was, and at times, still is, though I have become better at it! When we are anticipating a change, an event in our life, or waiting for something to happen, having the Patience to allow it to happen in the way and time it was meant to can be difficult. Everything seems to be in a hurry these days, and we expect ourselves to keep up with the rush.

But, sometimes, we can’t push the river…or the mound. Sometimes, the moment calls for deep breathing, slowing down, and having Patience, like the Ant walking many miles to bring his one leaf to the anthill, confident in the knowledge that we will get there when the time is right. Or what we are waiting for will be provided at the exact moment we need it.

While we are practicing Patience in our own lives, we need to keep in mind that there is the good of the “mound” to also consider, and what can we do to make sure that everyone is taken care of, as well as ourselves. How can we can use our power of creation to add to the Strategy of Patience.

This dream and message was very “timely” for me as I too am waiting for something and had begun to get “antsy” and impatient about it. This reminds me to get centered, be calm, and have patience and confidence that what is meant to be will be and things will happen when the time is right. It is no better to get flustered and have the right thing happen at the wrong time, or the wrong thing happen at the right time. Patience will bring it all together in the right way at the right time.

So, have Patience and be like the ant….deliberate and steadfast. You will get there!


6 comments on “The Strategy of Patience

  1. good morning, sweet dream and great message 🙂

    it applies to all of us, and to me right now. it is okay to be in the place/stage i am now. it is okay to enjoy what i have and not regret or miss. i am grateful for what i have and i anything else will be added to my life, whatever that is, it will come on its own time.

    now, i must remember this on the days i am leas patient 🙂

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