So This Is Friday


Oh my…what a week! At first I thought it was just me. But then, as the week went on, I saw everyone around me be affected by the unsettling energy as well. There were no good moods this week. Even for people who are always happy or calm…like me. Everyone I talked to kept asking…what is going on this week? Why does everyone feel so off and just, well, grumpy?

I took to my planet, moon and stars pages to see what alignments might be throwing us off. Nope, Mercury was not in retrograde. Darn…we can always blame this stuff on Mercury Retrograde. The full moon ended over last weekend, so nope, can’t blame that. Several odd planetary alignments, but nothing “earth shattering”. I thought then, where can I look next? And then I thought, oh just Let. It. Go. And embrace the odd energy. Get into it, feel it, and just let it be.

Everything is a cycle…so this will cycle through as well. Though it has been a tough one, for sure. I am still feeling it. But not trying to figure it out or fight it anymore. It only took me until Friday to come to that conclusion! LOL me!

The Word of the Day today was FAITH……so just have faith that this too shall pass, it is Friday and the end of the week, the weekend is just around a slight corner…….and there is whiskey! 🙂

I am sending out a heap of FAITH to you all….along with Love and Hugs. Hang in there…and remember…there is at least one person here who thinks the best of you and wishes the best for you.

My heart goes out to you all! Blessings!


12 comments on “So This Is Friday

  1. So you didn’t find out what it was? Well, since I noticed it on me only…I blamed it on the time of the month, it’s not here yet but it is a sign that it is coming 😛 grumpy or sad mood, are kind of a daily thing for me these days, but I can shake them off…not this couple of days….

      • That is why today, Sunday, I plan to stay home and in pjs all day if possible. Trying to feel something else, can get exhausting, I am just letting it be today. My dog seems to feel the same, it is 9 already and she is showing no signs or interest to get out of bed 🙂 we will both be lazy today.

  2. “If you are lost….stay put. Look around you at the things you DO have that are good and full, enjoy your surroundings, stop looking for the road and lamenting the things that are not working….and wait for the morning light that will show you the way. Sometimes….we have to wait for the right thing to come to us, but in waiting, we should not forget that there is so much right there, right in front of us, in which to find delight, peace and comfort. And it is when we lay down our panic, anger and frustration, which is clogging our vision, that we find the things we are meant to be tending to….and our way, our road, comes into the light and becomes clear.”
    …keep coming back here to read this. i guess i will need to be reminded. stay put and look around me…
    thanks again…

    • Yes Cali, sometimes we need to keep reminding ourselves because we get stuck in patterns. By coming back to read this frequently, you are “retraining” your mind to think and focus differently….a really good thing!

      It is hard to stay put and notice our current surroundings because we are always looking for something better. The trick is, to find something “better” in what we already have, then, that will expand our vision to include the “better” things that are on their way.

      Have faith that they are, indeed, on their way!! 🙂

      • Also Cali…I do work with people individually. If you would like to talk more, I am very open to that and can perhaps help you through this. If you want to, email me at and we can either chat via email or even a phone call if you like. If none of this is comfortable to you, no worries, just keep coming back here and I will be here for you! Many Hugs and Blessings to you!!

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